Fertilization Plan

Establishing and maintaining a beautiful lawn requires a few hours spent at the right time with the right products. When properly maintained your lawn will be green from early Spring to early Winter.

Here are some recommendations for proper lawn care:

  • Mowing – improper mowing reduces the quality of a thick, green lawn
  • Insect Control – insects cause a great deal of damage by feeding on grass roots
  • Disease Control – provides protection from fungal diseases
  • Weed Control – Protects against crabgrass, dandelions, etc.
  • Fertilization – provides the proper nutrients
  • Lime – neutralizes acid in soil to restore proper p.h. levels

We are excited to be offering a comprehensive lawn care program which consists of 4 steps and is based on the calendar year.

Step 1 – Early Spring

March – April– Crabgrass prevention and control

Step 2 – Spring

April – May– Fertilizer, seeding, weed killer & turf insecticide

Step 3 – Early Summer

May – June– Fertilizer & insect control

Step 4 – Autumn

September – November– Winter fertilizer & weed control

If you are interested please call for information, pricing and scheduling